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Here's a description of the coffees we grow and sell. To purchase, please visit our convenient online store.

All of our coffee is 100% Estate (single-farm) grown Kona coffee. This means it is hand cultivated, handpicked, and hand-processed on our Kona Lisa farm. We take great pride in how we nurture our coffee trees and handpick only ripe coffee beans. We mill, dry, and roast in small batches to create one of  the finest coffees in the world.

We do a Full City roast, a French roast, and a Macadamia Nut flavored coffee.

Our Full City roast is a medium, rich brown roast. It has a full body flavor yet is low in acidity for a very smooth and balanced cup.

Our French roast is a dark, double roast. It is bold, and intense in flavor, with a rich smoky aroma. Remarkably smooth.

Our Macadamia Nut flavored coffee is our Full City roasted beans rolled in Macadamia Nut flavor oils for a delightfully nuanced Hawaiian touch. Our flavored coffee is different than other flavored Kona you'll find. We use the same 100% Kona, single-farm estate for our flavored coffee, so you can enjoy the same quality, and smoothness of a great Kona - with just the added touch of Hawaiian flavor.

Honey flavor is also available

If you grind your own, our roasts are available in whole bean. We also provide ground coffee, for those who prefer the convenience. The grind can be used in any auto-drip coffee maker as well as used to re-fill K-cups, Eko Brew, and other single-cup formats.

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