About Us

Kona Lisa Coffee is located in the heart of the South Kona Coffee belt on the Big Island of Hawaii, the only state in the US that grows and produces coffee. Kona makes up less than 0.1% of all the coffee in the world.

Grown on the ancient lava rock slopes on the west coast of Hawaii's Big island, Kona is one of the most highly valued coffees on earth. A product of radiant mornings, rainy afternoons, gentle breezes, and perfect temperatures, Kona Lisa meets the high standards required of true Estate (single-farm) coffee.

While others may be a blend of multiple farms, regions, or countries, 100% of our beans are exclusively from the Kona Lisa Estate, which ensures a smoothness and balance of flavor that embodies the distinctive character of our land and climate.

Handled with care from cultivation to cup, Kona Lisa Estate Coffee is meticulously hand picked and hand processed to ensure that only the finest quality beans make it to roast.

We trust that, like any masterpiece of Nature, every cup of Kona Lisa coffee will stir your imagination, and breathe life into your day.



Kona Lisa Coffee
83-5475 Painted Church Road • Captain Cook, HI 96704
808-426-8576 | Email: konalisa@konalisacoffee.com